Finding inner peace, happiness and contentment through Yoga

My name is Jaina and I teach, write and speak about yoga based on my own experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Yoga is an ancient practice which can help you with any area of your life. Its depth provides an inherent truth to understanding and dealing with situations, challenges and experiences of any nature that may arise during the journey of life. Therefore if you are looking to improve your physical health, beauty and well-being as well as finding inner peace, happiness and contentment, then yoga may be the practice you are looking for within your mind, heart and soul.

If you would like to share your yoga path with me then please take a look around my website, book a class or get in touch.


Public Yoga Classes
I deliver mixed level public yoga classes in Radlett and Northwood that allow others to develop physical and mental strength, stamina, toning the body and improving overall health and well being….
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Meditation Classes
Are you feeling stressed and tired? Or perhaps you are lacking some me time? If so come and join me on the last Wednesday …
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Private Yoga Classes
I offer private yoga classes in London. Whether you are looking for one to one sessions, private group classes or corporate classes your yoga practice can be managed to suit your schedule….
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Come and join Jaina and others at inspiring and empowering events which include yoga, meditation and much more!…
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Jaina is a very welcoming teacher who will accommodate every student’s personal goals and needs. I really enjoy the breathing exercises because it helps to calm my mind and I find the yoga postures Jaina teaches helps me to release tension. There is no sense of competition as Jaina always requests for her students to focus internally and do only as much as the body will permit. The classes are friendly and open but at the same time encouraging and nurturing.

E. Morjaria

My Blog

Giving and Receiving

April 30, 2018

In the meditation and relaxation class last Thursday we looked into the topic of giving and receiving. Being able to give and receive with an...

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Dvihrdaya; One Having Two Hearts

April 13, 2018

I have come to that blessed point in life where I can refer to myself as a Dvihrdaya, one having two hearts and two souls......

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What is Love?

March 23, 2018

In the Thursday evening meditation and relaxation class we explored the big subject of love and in particular we focussed on self love and unconditional...

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