How to Manage Moments When we are Thrown Out of Balance

In ayurveda the sister subject to yoga it is highly advised to maintain a regular routine especially in the morning for greater health and wellbeing. A regular daily routine brings a sense of balance to the body as well as aiding digestion and assimilation. Also naturallyfrom the moment we are born we are encouraged to develop a routine.We often see

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How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

In my meditation and relaxation class on Wednesday we talked about how to overcome stress and anxiety. There are many different ways to deal with stress and anxiety and the ideas I share with you here are based from my own personal experience of how I deal with stress and anxiety within my own life. Stress is a form of

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GUEST BLOG: Reflexology and the Art of Taking Care of your Body on a Holistic Level ~ by Dawn Fortune

Holistic Health is a philosophy of healthcare that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit connection of one’s being. The three are closely interconnected and equally important to the health and wellbeing of an individual. There are many ways in which to maintain good holistic health, having a good understanding of the needs of your body physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many alternative

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