Delhi, Women and a New Consciousness

While I was in Delhi last week I noticed that the streets are full of people everywhere. In particular the streets are full of men with a few rare sightings of women. As we know Delhi is often in the news for shocking stories of rape and violence against women. In light of this it seems the city has moved

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Letting Go of Expectations…

I recently read an article about the anxieties of turning 30 for young women; Women you just can’t have it all by 30. I’m 29 and approaching 30 soon. I feel that yes there are lots of things I haven’t achieved which I thought I should have by now. But there are also lots of things I have achieved which

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The One Day Women’s Retreat

Last Saturday saw the first One Day Women’s retreat organised by myself, Karupa Patel and Neesha Radia. The day started with the welcome and registration where all the ladies were offered teas, coffees and some home baked cookies. Once everyone had grabbed their refreshments we all took a seat by the fire in the lounge to begin our introduction and

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