Corporate Yoga

Corporate YogaWe currently live in a world where stress, anxiety and depression are causing high staff absenteeism, staff turnaround and poor job performance. However we also live in a world where people are opening their mind to new ways of working. A convenient way to do this is by working alongside holistic practices such as yoga within a corporate lifestyle.

Yoga is a vast and deep subject allowing many options to fulfil each individual client’s needs. The corporate yoga package with Jaina utilises physical posture work, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques either in an all round class structure or tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Allowing employees the opportunity to take a moment to recharge and energise or to relax and rejuvenate can bring short term and long term benefits for the individual as well as the overall working environment. Greater productivity, higher turnaround and a positive morale are just some of the benefits that can be gained by an organisation as a whole when individuals take the time to improve their body, mind and soul through yoga.

The Options

There are various options available in the Corporate Yoga Package with Jaina. All options involve on-site yoga for your workplace. Classes can be taught in meeting rooms, board rooms, large offices and where flexibility of furniture to create an adequate amount of space allows.

One to One Yoga­

A one to one yoga class allows the client to develop specific areas that they wish to work on. The session can be tailored to the individual’s requirements providing a clear and manageable programme for short or long term goals. For example; if the client is feeling quite stressed the session can be tailored to be restorative and relaxing. Alternatively if the client would like to develop their core strength then focus can be bought on building the clients abdominal and back muscles to strengthen and tone the body. Constructive adjustments are utilised and working closely in this manner will allow the client to work at a deeper level achieving the most out of their yoga session.

Trial class and subsequent class prices are available on request.

Group Yoga

(Minimum of six students required)

Group yoga classes involve a warm up, posture practise, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. This provides an all round class where students can focus on their own individual practice whilst enjoying the benefits of a group energy. This can also benefit team building and improving a group dynamic. During the group session clear concise instructions are given along with adjustments to guide the students through the practice.

Trial class and subsequent classes prices are available on request.

Express One to One Yoga

(Minimum of two students required)

Express one to one yoga sessions allow the client to break up their day and stretch the body at their desk to ease away the build up of stress and tension in the body. Sitting at the desk can cause muscles to seize or strain therefore introducing some light chair stretches and twists can help to increase blood circulation to energise and oxygenate the body. This will provide the client with a sense of rejuvenation for the rest of their day. Once again the class can be tailored to the client’s requirements therefore if they prefer to work specifically on posture work, meditation, breathing or relaxation this can be taken into consideration.

Trial class and subsequent class prices are available on request.

Students are advised to bring their own yoga mat. If a student forgets their mat, a mat can be hired for £1 and this is based on a first come first serve basis. Mats can also be purchased for £16, please contact Jaina in advance should you wish to purchase a mat.

Please also refrain from eating at least one hour before the class. Posture work involves a lot of movement and therefore we do not wish to disturb the digestive system while it is functioning.

Employers can subsidise the costs for employees at their own discretion and classes can be scheduled at the client’s convenience. Any classes rescheduled or cancelled within 24 hours of the class commencing will be fully charged.

For further information please contact Jaina on 07834 994 902. Alternatively you can email her at