My latest You Tube video is out now where I share my thoughts and opinions on Karma based on my own experience and what I have learnt through studying and practicing yoga.

Karma is a universal law; Every action has a reaction and every thought has a reaction. Sometimes we may be aware of the action and reaction and sometimes we may not understand ‘why something is happening to us.’

This may cause us to blame… to blame others, to blame ourselves or to blame something beyond us such as God/Higher Spirit. When we are going through a challenging time it is wise to recognise that this is happening due to our own karmic consequences. When we understand the law of karma we can be accountable for our life and we can learn to accept our situations.

I really believe that karma put you in this situation because the Universe believes you can get through this situation to learn the lessons that you need in life. We must not blame others or ourselves. We must be compassionate to ourselves and forgive, accept and learn from the decisions and choices we have made in the past. This may take time so be patient.

Meditation and relaxation can help us to become aware, to accept, to love and be compassionate to ourselves. These techniques really start to work on a deeper energetic level allowing us to shift and clear karma. But we have to believe and trust in the process.

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