The Yogic Breath

I am so sorry I haven’t uploaded a video for a while however as many of you know I have been busy organising my upcoming retreat to Italy and my workshops for which further details will be coming out soon!

So in today’s video I take you through a pranayama (breathing) technique which will help to deepen your breath. As you deepen your breath you will maximise your inhalation and exhalation to feel more in control of your breath and you will increase your oxygen intake. This breath is the Yogic breath and it is a full satisfying breath which leaves you feeling energised and refreshed. It also allows you to feel calm and centred, increases blood flow and improves digestion. There are numerous other benefits too such as reducing anger, stress and anxiety.

I would advise you to practice this breath on an empty stomach and practice outside or with the window open if possible. I will teach you the breath in three parts and then we will link the three parts together to work on a complete full breath.

I would love to hear from you so let me know how you feel after you have practiced the technique in the video comments section. I hope to get back into making videos on a regular basis once again so if there is something you would like me to create then please do let me know. 

Jaina x

P.s. Here are the details for the retreat that I mention about in the video

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